#網路作家吳寒雲說生命的軀殼我的靈魂就坐在火車裡望著窗外一幕幕的景象一直過去一直過去回不到從前忘不了過去我在徘徊我在迷糊拿起一些花瓣撒向河裡奠祭死去的愛情我不如人活的如此頹廢如此狼狽廢了自己停止呼吸讓大地一片安寧我不該來這個世間# Network writer Wu Hanyun said the body of life my soul sitting in the train looking out the window scene has been in the past past the past can not be forgotten in the past I wandering in the confusion I picked up some petals scattered to the river to drink Dying love I'm not so human live so decadent so awkward waste their own breath to let the earth a peace I should not come to this world